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IBIZA - A magical island of contradiction and contrasts. Wild nature and crazy parties, ancient traditions and molecular gastronomy, a place to meet and fall in love but also a place to escape from the world and find (or lose) yourself.


FincaXú is a completely new spirit drawing on this ancient heritage - a ‘maximalist’ botanical spirit handcrafted from grapes, distilled with botanicals including herbs and citrus peels from Ibiza – some grown at Can XuXu itself, spiced with vanilla, ginseng and ginger from further afield and sweetened with a touch of honey and cane syrup.


Nothing could ever be quite like it…


Just as Ibiza, in all its fabulous contrasts, blends old and new, local and global, bitter and sweet, so FincaXú captures a little part of that spirit for you to enjoy.

Matthew Gilpin, Co-Founder of FincaXu

The Creative Process

A hand-mixed blend of herbs and citrus peels including Chamomile, Verbena, Mint, Juniper, Lemon and Orange - distilled together then distilled a second time with pure grape spirit and more botanicals including coriander seed and a touch of star anise and left to infuse in the barrel with Ginger, Vanilla and Ginseng for at least 30 days before being carefully filtered and bottled at 40%.


The result is a golden coloured Botanical Spirit of extraordinary power, complexity and subtlety - a truly unique, versatile and sexy spirit to be enjoyed on its own or as the signature ingredient in cocktails.

Tasting Notes

FincaXu is truly unique - bitter, sweet, herbal, citrus, complex. This is why we call it "Maximalist"

Early vanilla on the nose with pungent bitter orange notes.

Warming and rounded on the palette but with a wide spectral range of flavours.

Long smooth satisfying finish leaves you wanting just one more sip.

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